Chess Club Tournament

The tournament software is a web based and mobile optimized solution needed for our growing tournaments. After volunteering to run the pairings and scoring for local grade school chess club tournaments, we ran into multiple bottlenecks. We tried different open source softwares and none could support larger groups than 50 without delaying the tournaments timeline even with multiple scorekeepers. I designed a web based solution designed for mobile and tables that allows multiple scorekeepers to enter scores at the same time. The software allows for quick corrections by coaches and exception without halting the full tournament. The parents could also see their children’s scores win real time. We have ran multiple tournaments with 200+ students all of which ended on time or a head of schedule all paperless and without cables. All registration, scorekeeping and pairing were done on mobile devices or tablets. Other tournament software were limit in the pairing algorithm. The new system took into account grade, school, previously played opponents, and ELO ranking. All the weights can be adjusted on the fly as seen fit by the coaches. Once pairing are created, the students start finding their next table, often even before we announce a new round.

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Sorting Gridview client side


jquery table sort plugin gridview don’t output <thead> so tablesorter does not work.  Use the follow jquery to fix the gridview tables to work with table sort. This will update all table with the style .gridStyle to be sortable.


<script type=”text/javascript”>
$(document).ready(function () {
//change gidview header cells td’s to th’s
$(‘.gridStyle’).prepend($(‘<thead></thead>’).append($(‘.gridStyle tr:first’).remove()));
$(“.gridStyle”).tablesorter({ widgets: [‘zebra’] });



Web Developer

  • Primary responsibilities: Design and development of company site and web related projects.
  • Created and deployed template and page layouts (CSS, HTML, AJAX, and JavaScript).
  • Dynamic database driven pages populated by (XML/MSSQL/ASP.NET).
  • Created Flash presentations (Flash/Fireworks).
  • Dynamic image display (XML/ActionScript)

S.E.O Advanced

Web Developer

  • Primary responsibilities include design and development of client pages.
  • Created layouts in Dreamwearver using CSS and HTML.
  • Flash banners and dynamic Flash displays populated by back end code (php).
  • Dynamic pages and web administration tool using php.
  • Created a flash presentation of company’s solution for a large prospective client.


A cheaply challenging summer vacation ahead

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