or go directly to a career suggestion such as Web Developer jobs and see what jobs are in demand related to web developer.

How It Works
In this economy many people have been laid off. Most would say -my job sucks- because their job is no longer in demand. There are many jobs still in demand, and can help.

Using complex matching techniques and government data-research stuff, we can find to job that fits you. If you have not been laid off but just don’t like your job and need a change, this is for you.

You can find a new job in demand based on your old job that sucked. You select the job you do not like (but have experience in) and you receive a report of jobs that fit you the best along with job offering near you. Enter your current job and location and explore all your options. Have an open mind to different job areas.

Note Cards


The was a study program for my wife and all of her fellow c0-trainees as she was training to be an flight attendant. The data for the note cards are read from an xml file and can easily be replaced for a new set of study material.

UPS Projects

* I did not make the page you see in the screen shot. This is only a sample page. I build custom sites for UPS clients that are not publicly accessible that look like this page.