Run Logger – Hood to Coast


Live Demo @

This is a Silverlight application used to log running statistics.  This was built using MVVM design pattern.  Featured controls are the charts and accordion menu built into Silverlight 4.  The charts are filtered and grouped using a common control making all the reports adjustable.  The Data is stored and read from a SQL data base.  The application support “Out of Browser” Support (offline coming soon).

Poverty Chat

Luke and Jimmy (Me) create a game to help the awareness about poverty. The key technology of the game are AI chat bots.

Game Overview
Poverty Chat is a unique web based game that uses natural language to explore a virtual world. The player will have an opportunity to meet an array of different characters. The player will have to solve the mysteries by chatting with other characters in the game. These characters don’t have the average computer response you are used to; they each have their own personality and will response to you differently using an AI Bot technology.  The idea is to get the user involved in conversations.  Some of the characters may refere to others to find the right answer.  When  the answer is found thier notepad takes note for them for later levels.

The theme of the game is Poverty. The player will learn what, why, and solutions to poverty throughout the game and will be needed to win the game.

The goal of the game is to help solve poverty by learning about poverty and spreading the word about poverty.


Technologies: Silverlight,, AIML, Web services
Features to be added: Text to speech, speech to text, multiplayer (real player can replace bots and provide answers)

MyMouseGames (website) website is used to browse the games created by other teacher and to log in to their own classroom to create their own customized multi-mouse games.  This site also host the web services that the games use to populate the question in the games.

MyMouseGames – World Finals in Egypt (Imagine Cup 2009)

MyMouseGames placed First place in the Imagine Cup US Nation final. The imagine Cup is a worldwide software design competition sponsored by Microsoft. Our team – Jimmy, Mark, and Luke Dickinson (brothers) advanced from first round to semi-finals to national finals in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Our prizes was $8,000 to split among us and to continue on to the Imagine Cup World Finals in Cairo, Egypt.

Our Entry
The theme of the Imagine Cup’s in 2009 was the 10 world goals of the UN, mostly helping developing countries. Anyway we chose to focus on education and to build it in Silverlight and ASP.NET. Basically our entry is a bunch of mini educational games that allow you multiple mice on one computer to play. The idea is one computer can work for many students. Also the teachers can change the lesson data that is being used in each game. On top of that, functioned completely though a simple web site. The purpose was to help every student have access to a computers in ill funded schools.

Press Coverage

News – Winning US Imagine Cup
Microsoft Research Center -Cambridge, MA
May 10th, 2009 (videos) (MIT)

Live Interview – NBC Portland News @ The Square (video)
May 26th, 2009
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UPS Projects

* I did not make the page you see in the screen shot. This is only a sample page. I build custom sites for UPS clients that are not publicly accessible that look like this page.

Pay the King – Multiplayer

A Multiplayer game where you try not to be the one who paid the leaset to the king that round. If you pay the least you are out, but if you pay too much you wont have enought money for future rounds.

The King – “Pay me your taxes!!! The one who pays me the leaset will be banished from my presents! “