Nose Picker

Nose Picker

Help Mr. Nose clean out his nose. Who knows what treasures could be found!

“You can pick your friends and you can pick you nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose!” Well, with this app you can (if your friend is the maker of this app)


If you or your child has jammed something up the nose, please consult a doctor to remove the object. This application does not demonstrate the proper way to remove object from the nose.

Frog Attack – Windows Phone 7 Game Demo

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Frog attack is a simple game, feed Mr. Hamster.  Avoid the frogs and eat the food as they fall. If the frogs do hit you, they will slow Mr. Hamster down by sticking to his running wheel.

Watch for “Frog Attack” in the app store when the Windows Phone 7 comes out.

FrogLog – Windows Phone 7 Game Demo


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Created in Silverlight using only frogs,logs, and beavers for the Windows Phone 7.  FrogLog was origonaly created in javascript and html 5.  This version was recreated in silvleright and ported to the Windows Phone 7. The phone has not been released yet.  The video is using the emulator mobile phone provided by Microsoft for free.

Watch for FrogLog in the app store as soon as the Windows Phone 7 goes hits the public.