PaperBall – 2nd Place Winner (Mix09 10k Challenge)

Do you have what is takes to beat “Team Purple”? Challenge the purple team to a mini game of Football made out of 100% construction paper, but beware the purple team will be watching your every move to build better and more powerful plays to win.

Note: Due to the new rule “no throwing paper” and the nature of the materials used in this game, there will be no passing plays involved.

How to create a play: Drag your paper players to the desired positions. Drag the paper arrows to change the direction they will run.

How to run a play: Hit the “Run Play” button to start the play. Your power player (QB) will follow the mouse during the execution of the play in real time.

How to win: Score more point by the end of the game by running the ball into the touchdown area without being tackled or going out of bounds. In the event of a tie, the win will go to the previous championship holder (“Team Purple”).

PaperBall was entered in to the Mix 09 10k Challenge and PaperBall won! Well it was runner up, so 2nd place out of 106 entries. There was one grand prize and 3 runner ups. So what did it win? $500 dollars! The two main rules for the contest are to use Silverlight and all the source code and resources(images) are under 10k.

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